What They Say

Ayu Melody

Thank you for everything that you have taught me. Before joint with you, I didn’t speak english. But after you taught me, I feel better than before.

I feel more confident and I can practice my english every day. I know more how to use english correctly. But However, I want to learn more because I want to deepen my english. So, don’t ever bored to teach me. I will learn with you until I’m fluent a1 english.

Thank you LEC Bali.


Putu Sari Cayani

I get experience and new way to study in english, tenses don’t need to memorize but how to understand it. And we need to practice, practice, and practice. Thanks LEC Bali for helping us to study in English.


Komang Suarsana

I get new way to study in english, LEC Bali make it simple. Thanks LEC Bali for helping us to study in English. Succes for LEC Bali.


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2 thoughts on “What They Say

  1. yenny suyanthi says:

    thank you so much lec
    because of you i got new knowledge and new experience with good method
    without i must memorize many formulas to know the grammer well
    i feel my english is better than before

    1. Alung Lingga says:

      Thanks Gex

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