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May 11, 2018
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July 3, 2018

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Apakah kamu seorang chef, bartender atau waiter/waitress yang bekerja dalam dunia pariwisata? Atau kamu seorang murid yang lagi kerja part time di sebuah restaurant?

Apapun pekerjaanmu, kalau bidang kamu adalah pariwisata, bahasa Inggris tentu menjadi hal yang paling utama yang kamu harus pahami. Nah, kali ini saya akan memberikan quiz untuk mengetahui sejauh mana pemahamanmu mengenai ‘handling your guest’. Akan ada empat sesi nih. Ayo kita simak!

F&B vocabularies

How will your guests respond to your questions? They need to understand you, but even more importantly, you need to understand them! Choose the right word and check your answers.

  1. We’ll take a……of beer with four glasses, please?
  2. a) picture
    b) pitcher
    c) bunch
  3. I think we are all ready to……
  4. a) border
    b) request
    c) order
  5. Can we look at the……please?
  6. a) specials
    b) details
    c) sessions
  7. I think we’ll get another order of garlic bread to……
  8. a) bite
    b) have
    c) go
  9. I like my steak……so there is a little pink in the middle.
  10. a) raw
    b) medium rare
    c) dead
  11. Do you have any……to dip the chicken fingers in?
  12. a) pepper
    b) meat
    c) sauce
  13. Everything is……thank you.
  14. a) delicious
    b) late
    c) checked
  15. I can’t eat another
  16. a) drink
    b) thought
    c) bite.
  17. We’ll have coffee while we look at the dessert
  18. a) delicious
    b) menu
    c) bowl.
  19. You can put it all on one……thanks.
  20. a) bowl
    b) glass
    c) bill
  21. I have to…… off next Saturday because it’s my birthday.
  22. a) debit
    b) charge
    c) book
  23. Your…… will be by in a moment to take a drink order.
  24. a) busboy
    b) sous chef
    c) waiter
  25. Some of our regulars were so drunk they had to be……and sent home in taxis.
  26. a) cut off
    b) last call
    c) defrosted
  27. Can you bring table #2 some…….so they can eat their dinner?
  28. a) debits
    b) silverware
    c) paycheques
  29. I’ll write down that I started at nine o’clock, because I forgot to……
  30. a) punch in
    b) cash out
    c) take out.
  31. The cheese on these nachos isn’t
  32. a) fried
    b) boiled
    c) melted enough.
  33. We have two domestic and two imported beers on…….
  34. a) mild
    b) draft
    c) homemade
  35. I’ll take a gin and soda……
  36. a) on the rocks
    b) on the side
    c) à la carte.
  37. Seniors get a…….on food, but not on liquor.
  38. a) dessert
    b) discount
    c) sauce
  39. The reservation requested a…… if there’s one available at seven.
  40. a) dishpit
    b) restroom
    c) booth

Serving at table

  1. Can I…….anyone in a cold beverage to start?
  2. a) bother
    b) interest
    c) interact
  3. Has everyone……or do you need a few more minutes with the menu?
  4. a) choosed
    b) picked
    c) decided
  5. Would you like to hear today’s…….?
  6. a) specials
    b) seasons
    c) leftovers
  7. Is anyone interested in soup or salad as an…….?
  8. a) alcohol
    b) a la mode
    c) appetizer
  9. How would you like your steak…….?
  10. a) poured
    b) to look
    c) cooked
  11. Is there anything else you’ll be…….?
  12. a) to need
    b) needed
    c) needing
  13. And how is everything…….?
  14. a) so far
    b) so good
    c) so fine
  15. Are you all…….with your first course?
  16. a) great
    b) complete
    c) finished
  17. Did anyone…….room for dessert?
  18. a) serve
    b) get
    c) save
  19. Is this all together, or would you like…….?
  20. a) some
    b) other
    c) separate bills

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